About Main Line Radiator Covers

Our shop focuses on making high quality and custom sized radiator covers and window well covers 

More About our Business

Where We're Located

Our shop is conveniently located in the western suburbs just outside of Philadelphia. Our location enables us to be close to suppliers and also a short distance from our area customers, providing in home measuring and prompt delivery of both custom made radiator covers and custom made window well covers. We serve the Philadelphia Mainline and Western Suburbs, Montgomery, Delaware and parts of Chester County.

Main Line Radiators is a local company whose long term goals are:

  • To build strong, durable, high quality products using the very best materials

  • To provide competitive pricing using local suppliers and modern manufacturing techniques

  • To maintain  good delivery times

  • To offer custom design's to meet individual customers needs

  • To provide paint ready or stain grade products for the DIY "Do it Yourselfers"

  • And most importantly to always exceed your expectations!

Who we are:

Main Line Radiator Cover's owner Jonathan Ashley has a 45+ year history in manufacturing.  After an early retirement he was reunited with a lifelong friend with a mainline based home improvement business.  While working with this company on a limited basis Jon gravitated to the manufacturing part of the operation that made custom window well covers.  Several years later an opportunity presented itself to purchase the entire operation of a manufacturer of wooden radiator covers.

The equipment and expertise of a gifted cabinet maker now augmented the existing window well cover manufacturing business.  Jon had the opportunity to train under the watchful eye of a man with over 50 years experience in the woodworking industry.  Several years went by and the business slowly grew.  After much consideration by his lifelong friend Jon was given the opportunity to assume full responsibility for the manufacturing of radiator covers and window well covers.  Soon thereafter he moved the entire operation to his home shop. 

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